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buy and sale process

Buying real estate in a forrign country can seem to be a difficult task for the first-time buyer.

We are there to handle and guide you throgh the entire process



While it is already an important and difficult decision to buy a property on your own land, it is an even more important and difficult decision to buy abroad.


At this point it is important to find the right real estate company to work with, who has the right choices for your needs, budget, location, facilities and who knows the laws and procedures to make all procedures from A to Z easier for you and even give you the support you may need after you have bought the property you.


So you are here, we will be glad to help you for a secure and easy buying procedure.


First decide on your budget. What is the highest amount you can afford for your dream house abroad? Now the second step is to decide what you expect from your property. How many rooms do you need, do you want a view, or does not matter as you will buy a property in the holiday resort of Turkey? Do you want to have property in a newly built project, or do you want to look  into resale properties? Do you need a Villa with facilities only for you, or do you want a complex that has many facilities, that will make you forget your daily life, where you will have many facilities such as pool, sport facilities, parking areas, children playground, whatever luxuries you can imagine of? Do you want to live close to the center of the city, or do you want to be in the quieter areas?


Now you know what you are looking for and  you can start to search on our website by looking at the properties we publish, by using our searching tools or looking at the map and by selecting on the map. If you can’t find the property you dream about on the page, you can just contact us through our website or send us an e-mail, and we will be happy to realize your dreams.










Now, as you have found your dream property in Turkey, let us give you some information about the buying process in Turkey.

There might be different procedures depending on if you buy from a new project or a resale property. Let us give you some information for both types of sales.

When you buy from a new project, you will be asked to make a deposit payment around 2.000 to 4.000 Euro, depending on the property sales price, so that the property is reserved on your name. Upon the signing of the contract, again depending on the sales price, you will be asked to make a down payment of 30 % of the sales price.

From this point on depending on the developer, the payments can be in installments or you can pay the full remaining amount at once. This can be decided when preparing the contract and spoken in advance with the project developer.

When you buy a re-sale property, again you will be asked to make a deposit payment around 2.000 to 4.000 Euro, depending on the property sales price, so that the property will be reserved on your name. Then a contract will be prepared with all conditions clearly stated and at this stage you will be asked to make a 30 % down payment. You will be informed regarding the buying expenses, we will ask you to prepare certain documents to complete the buying procedure, and upon the payment of the remaining amount of the contract price, you will receive the ownership of the property bought.

For both types of buying, you can sign a Power of Attorney at the notary public to have us conclude all the necessary paperwork if your circumstances require it.

DEED (TAPU) Handling





It is necessary to advance the whole process in accordance with the legislation in home purchasing. It is essential to comply with the legislation in the transactions you will carry out both in the municipality and in the land registry office.

When buying a house, expenses such as title deed fee and title deed capital fee must also be paid. Apart from these, retrospective tax debts of the house may arise in secondhand house sales. In such cases, retrospective debts should also be paid in order to avoid disruption in the deed transfer process.

When buying a home, the following processes await buyers: Operations at the municipality and the land registry office.

As Alanya Best Service, both for resale or new project purchases, you can be sure that we will help you through the whole process and at each step inform you what we are doing and what documents we need from you and what the expenses are.

The steps are:

  1. Collecting the documents from both buyer and seller.
  2. Making the applications at the Municipality and the Land registry offices.
  3. Informing you correctly and timely for the coming step.
  4. If everything goes well, deliver your deed document to you, which will make you officially the owner of the property chosen and paid for.

Now you are ready to move in and enjoy your new home

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We are there to help and support you through the entire process.