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OUR Services

Alanya Best Service is a Real Estate, Home Service and Property Management Company active in Alanya since 2007, which has been offering a variety of services to clients from different countries.

We are here to help you with all your needs from Buying or Selling a property to all your needs after you have bought a property in Turkey. Please have a look at some of our services described below.

If you have questions or requests other than those described below, you may always contact us for further information.

HOME service


The private home service concept is basically created to take care of your property while you are not here and to make life easier for you when you are using your holiday house in Alanya.

Our concept is as follows:

Monthly check of your property: We will every month come and check your property, let some fresh air in, flush your toilets, check if everything is ok, check the drains and if dried fill water in, check the balconies if anything blocks the drains or for any other problems, check your electricity and water meters, control the windows blinds and doors, check your post box (if you have any). We will take a picture of your property after each monthly check and send to you if you request it. We will inform you if any problems exist. After bad weather conditions (heavy rain, storm, etc.) your property will be checked to be sure that everything is ok.

Payment of bills: Your electric, water, internet, telephone or similar payments will be checked monthly/ regularly. If you have any automatic payment order for any of these, then the day after the last payment day of your bill we will check if it has been paid. If not, we will pay it, so you do not get in trouble later. If you do not have any automatic payment order, we will pay it from your account with us.

Payment of taxes: We will pay your property tax, car or scooter tax (if you have any), or any other taxes may occur related with you from your account with us.

Insurance: Insurance is very important for your property. We will help you arrange your insurance policy (if you ask for), and if there is any damage or any other things related with the insurance company, we will take care of it on behalf of you.

Health issues: Hopefully during your stays in your property, neither you nor your visitors will not have any health-related problems. However, if any happens, you can rely on us. You will have a unique number with a magnet on your refrigerator on which you will find the telephone number of the hospital and the hospital will know what your address is when you tell them this unique number.

Services related with the authorities: We can help you with Residence Permit, Title Deed (TAPU) procedures, Certificate of Occupancy (Ä°SKAN) procedures, Registering for Electricity, Water, Internet, Telephone etc., Notarial works

Cleaning: You or your visitors are coming to your property for holiday. Why to worry about the cleaning of your property. You can order a cleaning from on our website, and see what exactly you will pay for the service. Laundry service is also available.

Transportation: You can order transfer or car rental from our website for normal prices from our website.

Maintenance, repair, renovation: We will be happy to help you with any requests of repair or renovations in your property from small fixings to real big projects, from painting to A to Z decorating, plumber or electrician services. You can also ask for help with satellite setups, or any TV problems or channel registrations.

Leisure and Travel: Through our experienced partners in Alanya and Antalya region, we can help you with flight tickets, private organized trips, golf arrangements, special events tickets, concerts, good restaurant tips, etc.

If you have any other requests or services needed other than mentioned above, you may always feel free to ask our help and we will do our best to help you with those.


Service Pack Number of Monthly visits in apartment Yearly Price
Service Package 1 1 (One) 200€
Service Package 2 2 (Two) 300€
Service Package 3 4 (Four) 400€














We offer you transfer to or from the airport no matter at what time your flight arrives.

Many of the flights coming to Turkey have arrival or departure in the middle of the night. We offer to pick you up in the airport in one of our cars and drive you and your luggage directly to your apartment or villa.

If the transfer is for one of the apartments with service packet, we offer you to switch on the electricity before we come, so that the refrigerator and air-condition will be running when you get there.

Also, we can buy some normal groceries for just to make sure that you will be able to make breakfast or lunch on the first day of your vacation.

Price Antalya airport:

No of Persons Alanya by Mahmutlar
1-4 persons 60€ 65€
5-8 persons 65€ 75€
9-14 persons 100€ 130€

Price Gazipasa (Alanya) airport

No of Persons Price
1-4 persons 35€
5-8 persons 45€
9-14 persons 75€

Please note that the price is one way only.
No extra fee will be charged for use of baby seats in the car. But it must be ordered in the remark field when booking the transfer.

If possible, we try to arrange more transfers at the same ride. This will of course only happen if it does not give you long extra waiting time. You can inform us on the transfer request form if you are willing to share your transport with others or not. 

If more parties go in the same car, we will also offer you a discount of 5 € per travelling party. The planning for this is done by Alanya Best Service


We offer you and your guests cleaning of your home before you come down here, while you are here on vacation and when you go home again.

With this service you will never have to think about cleaning – just leave it up to us.

We will make sure that the cleaning is done close to your arrival, to ensure that you will arrive to a clean and inviting home.

Our cleaning packet includes:

  • All floors are washed including balconies.
  • Windows cleaning
  • All dust is removed from the furniture.
  • Cleaning of the bathrooms including the toilets, washes, showers, baths, mirrors and so on. We do not clean inside the furniture since we do consider this to be personal.
  • The kitchen is cleaned including the refrigerator and the outside of the cupboards.
  • Carpets are being vacuumed


Type Standard Laundry wash pr machine
Flat 35€ 10€
Penthouse / Duplex 55€ 10€
Villa 100€ 10€

Additional charge for wash of towels and bed sheets: 5 euro per machine wash. As an example: if your laundry needs two machine washes, you will be charged 10 euro. 

Please place your cleaning order 8 days in advance, to ensure that we are able to serve you on the requested day.


















Property service

We offer to help you with the process of making and running the owner associations for the complex.

We see it as a cooperation between the board in your building and us as the administrator. It is very important for us to establish a close cooperation with you.

We prefer to make the cost for management a known figure. This means that we typically do charge a yearly fee, and we have an open online account system which makes it possible for the board to follow your account statement on a daily basis.

In bigger complexes it is often beneficial to hire more than one worker to take care of the complex. However, should the size of your complex not invite to this we also offer a part time worker who is hired by us and who will take care of your complexes together with other complexes part time.

We will make you an offer which in details will describe the service we offer
to you and what our yearly management fee will be.

The following is some of the things we offer to take care of for you:

  • Taking care of the complex.
  • Online access to accounting.
  • Making working plans for the caretakers and do weekly follow up on the work.
  • Paying salary for the caretaker.
  • Pool service including daily operation.
  • 24/7 access to Alanya Best Service in urgent matters.
  • Caretaker – also finding a substitute for the caretaker should he/she fall ill.
  • Elevator and generator service.
  • Watering and taking care of outdoor plants and flowers.
  • Cutting the grass.
  • Septic tank service.
  • Maintaining an updated list of owners.
  • Paying all your bills.
  • Asking for management fee from the people who live in the building.
  • Making the obligatory account statement to Turkish authorities.
  • We will be a part of the yearly meeting in your union.
  • We can also help you with making a webpage for your building where you can gather relevant information etc.

The above are just a few of the things we offer. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Need for small or big changes in your home?
We work together with some of Alanya’s best construction companies and handymen’s. This mean that we are able to find the right person for whatever job you want to have done. Of course, we also follow the job and make sure that it has been done for you. When it is finished, we can send you pictures from your home, to ensure that it is to your satisfaction. We have many satisfied clients for who we made a new bathroom, toilet, kitchen, painting works, ceramic tiles, isolation solutions, roof repairs or completely new roofs, etc. From basic repairs to most complicated demands, we are here to help you. You can always ask for advice and a price.

We help you get the right insurance, to ensure that you are covered regarding your personal things in your home, mandatory earthquake insurance, building insurance, etc.

Arrival Packet:

When you arrive to your apartment or Villa it often is in the middle of the night or at another inconvenient time where you do not have the energy to go out to shop for groceries or go to a restaurant.

We offer to place an “arrival” packet in your apartment. Description of this packet is attached below.

If you for any reason would like to have an extra set of keys to your apartment or even want to change the locks, we have the right connection to a trustworthy locksmith.

Curtain and curtain cleaning.
We will be happy to help you find and buy curtains or mosquito net for your home.
As a new service we also offer to clean your existing curtains for you.

Starting a new home.
We can assist you in all the tasks that have to be done when you start a new home. This goes for helping you to buy air-condition, furniture, bed-sheet, plates and so on.

Also, we can help you install the furniture and check up on deliveries. Of course, we will send you pictures throughout the whole process.

Other …
Please feel free to reach us if you have any specific need or service regarding your property in Alanya, we will always try to give you the best service and a reasonable price.

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When you want to hear more, please contact one of our agents.

We are there to help and support you through the entire process.