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Information for how to transfer money to our accounts

Bank information

Our Turkish Bank account.

ACCOUNT NAME:                Alanya Best Servis
SWIFT CODE :                        TCZBTR2A
IBAN NO :                              TR25 0001 0000 3953 4625 5750 08


Turkish Lira account.

BANK:                                     ZİRAAT BANKASI
ACCOUNT NAME:                 Alanya Best Servis
SWIFT CODE:                         TCZBTR2A
IBAN NO:                               TR52 0001 0000 3953 4625 5750 07


Danish Bank.
We also offer that you can pay money to a Danish bank account

Our Exchange rate is: 7,60

DKK account info:
BANK:                                          Danske Bank
Reg. no.:                                      3409
Account no.:                              12031882
Currency:                                    DKK

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